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Feb 27, 2009

Tipe File Pada Internet

by Goo-blog 2 comments

Mencoba untuk memahami dan sekedar informasi tentang type file yang sering digunakan pada internet. Mungkin type file berikut ini tidak asing bagi anda tapi apa salahnya jika kita mengenal lebih jelas type-type yang terdapat pada internet.


.ARJ ======== == ARJcompressed file, ARJ file archiver, ARJ Software, Inc.
.ASF, .ASX=====Active Streaming Format multimedia file; Microsoft Internet Information Server
.ASP=========Active Server Page script file; Microsoft Internet Information Server
.AU ============AUdio sound file
.AVI============ Windows video clip multimedia file; Microsoft Windows
.BMP=========== OS/2 or Windows BitMAP image file; Microsoft Windows
.CAB============ Windows CABinet compressed file; Microsoft Windows
.CDF=========== Channel Definition File; Channel Definition Format
.CDR ============CorelDRaw drawing file; Corel Corporation homepage
.CFM ===========Cold Fusion script file; Allaire Corp.--Cold Fusion
.CGI========= Common Gateway Interface script/programfile; The Common Gateway Interface
.ClASS =========Java compiled byte-code applet/program file
.CMX=========== Corel clipart image file; Corel CMX Viewer
.CSS=============Cascading Style Sheet markup file; W3C -- Web Style Sheets
.CVS=============Common Separated Value text file
.DHTML=========Dynamic HyperText Markup Langueage file
.DIR, DXR, .DCR=====Director multimedia file; Macromedia Directory
.DLL==========Windows Dynamic Link Library program file; Microsoft Windows
.DOC=========Microsoft Word DOCument file; Microsoft Word
.EXE=========EXEcutable program file; Intel
.GIF===========Graphic Interchange Format image file
.GZ, .GZIP=======Gnu Zip compressed file; GNU zip
.HQX===========Macintosh compressed file
.HTM, HTML==========HyperText Markup Language file; W3C - HyperText Markup Language
.HTX =============Internet databese connector HTML template file
.IDC===============Internet Database Connector script file
.IMG==============GEM paint image file
.JAR==============Java ARchive compressed file, Java Development Kit 1.2 -- JAR Guide
.JAVA==============Java source code file
.JPG, .JPEG==========Joint Photographic Experts Group image file
.JS===================JavaScript source file
.LA, .LMA=============Netscape packetized audio file
.MID, .MIDI=============Musical Instrument Digital Interface music file
.MOV, .QT==============QuickTime MOVie multimedia file;Quick Time
.MPG, .MPEG==== Moving Picture Experts Group multimedia file; MPEG Pointers and Resources
.MP2, .MP3=======Moving Picture Experts Group multimedia file; MPEG Pointers and Resources
.PCX=================Zsoft paintbrush image file
.PDF=================adobe acrobat Portable Document File; Adobe Acrobat
.PL, .PLX================PerL script file
.PNG==================Portable Network Graphics image file
.POV======Persistance of Vision Ray tracer picture file; POV-Ray-the Persistence of Vision Raytracer
.PPM==================Portable PixelMap image file
.PS==================adobe acrobat PostScript document file; Adobe Systems Inc.
.RA, .RAM, .RM======Real Audio multimedia file; RealNetwork, The Home of RealAudio, RealVideo and RealFlash

.REG=====================Windows REGistry entries file; Microsoft Windows
.RTF======================Rich Text Format document file; Microsoft Windows
.TGA==============Truevision TarGA image file
.TIF, .TIFF==========Tagged Image File Format image file
.TXT==============plain TeXT file
.WAV==================Wave sound file; Microsoft Windows
.WRI==================Windows WRIte formate document file; Microsoft Windows
.WRL, .VRML=============Virtual Reality Modeling Language file; The VRML Consortium
.XBM================X BitMAP image file
.XML================eXtensible Markup Language file; Extensible Markup Language
.ZIP==================PKZIP compressed file; PKWARE Inc.

Mungkin ada yang maumenambahkan

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