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Sep 22, 2009

Belajar Blog|SEO contest arena for traffic

by Goo-blog 1 comments

Many current seo contest made me wonder, whether the goal is seo?. SEO is an art in gaining prestige in the search engines, but many of us interpret or use SEO as a promotional event, looking for backlinks and increase traffic.

Maybe for beginners seo contest is an event for SEO techniques skills they have. This is used by the manufacturers to promote the contest website / blog that they have. Requirements proposed in this SEO contest is usually put links to an article that included the race and put embled on your blog or web participants.

From it already seems clear that this SEO contest has been used to search for backlinks and traffic, so that the web / blog to organize the contest will get from this advantage is permanent, and we can only be proud if you win the contest.

If we do SEO contest with the following requirements, then we must be very careful and study the negative aspects for blog / website if you follow our kotes SEO. SEO contest actually made by people who understand the privilege of professional and will not take advantage of SEO SEO techniques especially for the sake of popularity contest seo contest blog maker.

SEO masters are aiming to create a contest where the blogs that have SEO techniques and make the participants more deeply SEO contest.

Without having to follow the SEO contest we can personally embuat contest to see our capabilities, and if it has sufficient ability to use SEO wisely and benefit to others.

Hopefully with this short article we will create thinking SEO contest got older and wiser.

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