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Sep 17, 2009

learn seo to build a blog

by Goo-blog 3 comments

learn seo is important in preparing your blog, and not learn seo then you will feel tired for the first ranked search engine, lots of wasted your time just to be no.1 without learning seo.Maybe in time we make a lot of tips blog increase traffic blog tricks, but to enhance traffic only on the need to learn seo correctly and consistently.

The basic method of building a learning seo blog, with seo then you learn to your blog more and more you feel good and so easy to introduce your blog.Learn seo simplest I will explain as simply as possible and must be recommended by the search engine google. You only understand the benefits of seo and seo how to learn the first time and then forwarded to the blog regularly up date.

Seo is the key to your success in your blog in the eyes of the user, then degan learn seo traffic and page rank and the secret blog will be found. In the building you just need a blog seo tips and links for the basic building blog.
Blog should have a title that will become in determining the identity of a successful blog. When you think of a title then. Now try to learn seo to build a simple blog.

1. Title is an important rewards, it is important this can be optimized if we use the html code like this
<title>title you blog</title>

2. Blog description is one of the seo techniques you need in building the blog.
<meta content='description your blog' name='description'/>

3. Code using keywords in each blog to reinforce the keywords such as pasting this code
<meta content='keyword1, keyword2, keyword3' name='keyword'/>

4. Structures on the post we should be optimizing by providing bold type in the word we use keywords, or use the code h1, h2, and h3 on our blog template

5. Using the anchor text of each url with our keyword seo blog for more optimal

These things are just a way to learn simple and seo for beginners, on every blog is usually above are eligible only with a few tricks to optimize all the seo on your blog even more meaningful. If you want to try to learn seo to build a blog you can visit Google's SEO Starter Guide and you can learn seo in accordance with the language that you master.

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