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Sep 11, 2009

Spice, Secret Beauty Bar Refaeli

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ALL women want to always look sexy and charming in front of Adam. To make it happen, they'd do a lot of ways, one of them with good care and nonalami natural. Like the beautiful model Bar Refaeli.

Although treatment nonalami more interesting to try, but underneath the seductive appearance, beautiful model from Israel is actually chose to use natural materials that can be found in the kitchen of the house.

As reported by Femalefirst, Thursday (10/9/2009), a supermodel born June 4, 1985 is often melakoni special treatment in a spa-style house. With the processing of spices are available in the kitchen of his house, Leonardo DiCaprio's former lover was able to maintain the popularity of real supermodel.

"If I have a lot of time, I will do facials or scrubs at the spa. And if I'm traveling I like to do massage at the hotel to make me relax," said the blond model of this.

Not only concocting natural potions from the kitchen, but the airport is also 24 years using aromatherapy oils and sea salt to add a beautiful recipe.

"If you're on leave from the modeling world, I'd also like to do treatment at home, such as face masks and make scrubbing the body with herbs mixture of aromatherapy oils and sea salt. The effect can make the skin smooth and radiant," she admitted.

Not only maintain the skin's beauty, but also keep Refaeli other valuable asset is her body. To be always slim, Refaeli was also pleased treadmill and spend time in the gym.

"I try to do exercise every day. Starting from brisk walking, running until the time to drive. It is good to always do the exercises. Also keep your arm muscles, this exercise makes you feel more comfortable," he said

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