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Oct 3, 2009 PTR Program

by Goo-blog 1 comments


Sponsored reviewsNew PTR program is still paying it appears in the competition other PTR programs.
Just like any other review programs, providing dollars to bloggers if there is a product that needs to be advertised. if there is in the advertised product, we must review the ad and will get the dollars. Usually job we receive from the advertisers have some reservations, just like any other PTR programs that require requirements to complete the task of advertisers.

Not much different from the terms we usually given diwjibkan to maxsimal review with 200 words or 500 words. In addition to our review of the require to put a link on a web advertiser. Dollar gained this program is very promising according to the number of jobs and without any cuts make us more spirit in the review task. Each of the tasks we diberibatasan up to 7 days to do the task.

I suggest you try progarm because by following this program dollar savings will be more and more. PTR also provides a bonus to any affiliate member can invite other users to join. In addition there are many other bonuses and tips from religion your dollar even more. Please to register here and enjoy the dollars saved.

Registration is very simple way you just follow the instructions there. Once you have registered as a blogger then you must include a list of your blog, where differences tisini because when you register your blog you will be asked to activate your blog by reviewing the program. If you do not review then you will not receive an additional bonus.

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